When to Put Netting on Fruit Trees

Fruit trees can benefit from netting in a number of ways. The netting helps prevent pests from getting at the fruit and gives the tree time to fully mature the fruits by the end of the growing season. But, as wonderful as netting can be for your fruit trees, it is not a complete or single-use solution. 

Indeed, there is an ideal time for netting to be put on your fruit trees. There are also better ways to drape the netting than others, and both of these things we provide advice and suggestions for right down below. 


When to Apply Netting to Your Fruit Trees

The best time to apply netting to your fruit trees is just after the pollination is complete. If you apply the netting sooner than this, you may block the pollinators. Similarly, if you apply it too late after this period, you may risk pests and other problems. So, when the green fruit begins to appear on the tree, use it as a signal that netting should go on. 

How to Drape Netting on Your Fruit Trees

Some people prefer to build frames around the trees for the netting, but this will need to be done for every tree in your orchard. You may prefer to simply drape the netting over the canopy of the tree, but be sure to secure it around the base of the trunk to prevent climbing animals from reaching the growing fruit inside. 

Where to Find Custom Fruit Tree Netting

Airdrie Canvas provides a range of custom netting solutions that are ideal for protecting your fruit trees during their growing season. We offer mesh sizes with ¼ to ½ inch holes, which are the ideal width for this application. We can also add seams and support to make the draping process easier while working with you to create a product that meets all your needs. 

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