What To Clean Canvas Tents With

When it comes to cleaning canvas tents, there are some strict rules to adhere to. First off, you don’t want to use any harsh chemicals or cleaners on the fabric, as they may discolour or denature your canvas. Second, prevention is the best way to keep your tent clean, so make sure you never store your tent wet! And, finally, you’ll need to keep a keen eye out for mould as it will discolour and darken your canvas if left untreated.

Knowing these three cardinal rules will help you keep your canvas tents in good shape. However, there is a little more to say about each of them, so keep reading down below for all the information you need to keep your tent in tip-top shape.


Three Rules for Keeping Your Canvas Tent Clean

Store It Dry

In part to keep away mould and in part to preserve your fabric, storing your tent dry is essential to keeping it looking its best. If you are in a damp or wet area where you can’t ensure your tent is dry before packing, just fold it loosely for now. When you are in a dry and safe place, unfurl it and leave it spread out until it is completely dry.

Use Natural Cleaners

Some canvas tents are pretreated for water resistance and longevity. These pretreatments don’t mix well with other chemicals and may discolour or fade your canvas. If your canvas tent isn’t pretreated, you have even more reason to avoid chemicals, as the fabric may still be negatively affected. Instead, stick to a 4:1 mixture of water:vinegar and spot clean as you identify dirty areas.

Address Mould immediately

Most moulds appear as dark spots on your canvas, and they will multiply quickly. Typically, they begin to form in damp areas, which we already know to avoid from above! Avoid mould by keeping a well-ventilated and dry tent, and address it with the same water and vinegar solution you use for cleaning.

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