What is the Price of Boat Canvas Enclosures?

Many factors will affect the cost of boat covers and enclosures made of many types of materials including canvas, acrylic and polyester. These include the number of panels, whether or not you are simply attempting repairs and the company performing the work. Additional considerations include the size of the enclosure and any unique dimensions the boat has that would complicate the work.

The Factors Influencing the Cost of Boat Covers & Enclosures

Number of Panels

The number of individual panels needed for your boat cover or enclosure can influence the cost. With fewer panels, the price goes down, but you suffer from more hassle trying to deal with oversized panels. With more panels, the cost goes up, but they are easier to work with and store. 

Repairs vs New Canvas

The cost of repairing boat covers and enclosures is significantly less than building new materials. It may be necessary to purchase new material instead of repairs when it is very old, embrittled, or if the cover has many tears and rips. 

The Company Performing the Work

The company performing the work can make a big difference in the cost you pay. For example, there are some commercial boat covers available that have fixed prices, but they may not fit your boat precisely. Additionally, they are typically made from lower-cost materials, meaning they may wear out sooner and require replacement faster.

Conversely, boat covers and enclosure are durable, long-lasting and custom-built to fit your vessel. These covers can often be repaired several times before needing replacement. Both options are acceptable, but they will fall into different price points. 


Order Your Boat Enclosure Today

Pricing for our boat covers starts at $850 and can go as high as $2,400. Still, as we mentioned above, many factors will influence the price you pay. For a more accurate estimate, call Airdrie Canvas today. 

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