4 Ways to Upgrade Your Campground This Summer

Well, summer is actually shaping up to be a pretty positive season around Airdrie and surrounding Alberta. With the pandemic restrictions loosening, businesses reopening, and most importantly, campground bookings returning, there is certainly potential for a spectacular season of outdoor activities.

Similarly, for those of us who like to return to campgrounds year after year, this summer might bring some unwanted change. If the campground you prefer hasn’t reopened, you could be missing your customary getaway, but don’t think of this as a disadvantage. Instead, consider the possibilities now available to you. Find another campground, try out a variety of sites, explore somewhere new; all of these are possible only with the initial, minor disruption. 

Plus, we’ve got some great tips for you to make the most out of your new, or familiar, campground. See below for all the details:


4 Campground Upgrades for 2020

1. Try a New Custom Tent

To start us off, consider one of the most frustrating parts of your camping experience. Of course, we could only be talking about the weather. Usually, preventing hail or rain from wrecking your campground requires hanging multiple tarps among the trees, positioning their drain-off locations, and messing around for far too long with a ladder. This year, instead, try a pop-up canvas tent available in Calgary. Easy to set up, fully-customizable, and a sight easier to anchor than traditional tarp roofing. 

2. Keep it Clean with a Tarp

Keeping in line with the suggestion above, it is worth mentioning that we do believe in the power of tarps. Even as roofs, once you have a sound system in place, setting them up is relatively easy. Additionally, tarps make a great choice when you want to set up a common area for people socializing to enjoy. Just make sure you clear out any tripping hazards before laying it down.  

3. Repair Your Awning Fabric

Another great way to upgrade for returning campers is the purchase of an awning fabric replacement. Sitting underneath a torn or worn awning can lead to frustration, especially during the rainy seasons. However, getting a replacement is simple, effective, and might actually lead you to a colour or style that you like more than the original. Therefore, consider repairing your awning like a two-for-one purchase. First, the functionality of a new awning, and second, the opportunity to change your existing style into something new!

4. Start a Summer Garden

Indeed, for the green thumbs among us, there is never too much gardening. If you have access to a quality campsite year-round, consider working with the owners to create a beautiful garden space. Utilizing the fresh soil and relaxing atmosphere is likely going to yield even better results than your home garden. However, the most critical part of this upgrade is ensuring your garden away-from-home is well kept, and for that, you should invest in some custom mesh or netting to prevent the woodland critter’s access.

How to Begin Your Camping Upgrades

With so many fantastic ideas now brewing in your mind, you may have the concern of sourcing the materials for these projects. However, you are in luck. Airdrie Canvas can supply you with all of the equipment you need to start on these projects, including canvas tents in Calgary. So, come see what we have in store for you!

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