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The Cost Of An RV Skirt In Calgary

Getting an RV skirt can be one of the best things for your RV or trailer. It proves a wealth of advantages that can enhance the value of your RV, protect it and reduce costs over the long-term. However, for many people, the cost of getting an RV skirt can be a determent – especially if you don’t know what to expect. 

This blog discusses the cost of an RV skirt in Calgary, what affects the price, and the benefits of installing one. 

The Benefits Of An RV Skirt In Calgary

There are many reasons why you should get an RV skirt installed, including the following: 

Reduces heating costs

When you consider the amount of energy that you spend to keep your RV warm in winter, and even in those chilly nights of summer and spring, the price can reach sky-high limits. But by installing an RV skirt, you are significantly reducing your energy, decreasing the hot and cold air entering and exiting the underside of your RV. You can save plenty of money on your energy bills by installing it.  

Protects the underside of your RV

By RV skirting, you will also add a layer of protection to your vehicle. Exposure to Calgary’s changing weather can damage the bottom of your RV, which can cost a lot of money to repair. 

Increases the value of your RV

If you ever plan to sell your RV in the future (why would you anyway?), having an RV skirt has part of the package can help increase its value. RV skirting isn’t cheap, so installing one will increase the value of your campervan. 

RV Skirting Calgary

What Affects The Cost Of An RV Skirt In Calgary

Numerous factors impact the cost of an RV skirt, including: 

The types of skirting systems

There are many different types of RV skirting systems available on the market, with each one varying in cost, the strength of attachment, ease of installation, and tightness. Some models include the Channel system, Buttons & T-Snaps, the Loop system and the single strap system. You have to assess each one on its merits to see what works for your unit. 

The quality of the RV skirt

The quality of the material, its durability, and how long it can last will impact the price of the RV skirt. Some of the most popular materials available on the market include Vinyl, Plywood, Custom Tarps, Thick plastic sheets, and Styrofoam and Insulation boards.

The installation cost

Depending on where you get your RV skirting installed, the price might vary in terms of the installation fee. Better, more experienced professionals might charge more, but you’re getting a better service. However, it all depends if you need to get it done. You have to add that to the overall cost of an RV skit. 

The Cost Of An RV Skirt In Calgary

With all the above information, you can see why it can be challenging to determine a final cost for an RV skirt in Calgary. The materials of the skirt, the type of system and potential installation fee can impact the final price.

On average, RV skirting can cost between $4000 to $7000. However, it is best if you speak to a professional and get your RV skirt quoted. The more information you have, the more you’ll know the final cost of the RV skirt. 

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