How to Find Canvas Tents with Wood-Stove Jacks

It’s not uncommon to wonder how to get canvas tents capable of safely housing one or more wood stoves. Camping below a certain temperature just seems to demand that you have stoves, but to operate a wood stove safely, you need a canvas tent with a safety feature called a stove jack. Simply ordering a […]

Is Winter Glamping with Canvas Tents Worth It?

At first glance, this question might be a no-brainer. But that’s because winter 2021/2022 is a La Niña patterned winter with sustained, far-below frigid temperatures in the Calgary and Airdrie area. Canvas tents offer heavy-duty insulation against the weather, and they can work well with wood stoves to keep you warm in your sub-zero campsite. […]

What To Clean Canvas Tents With

When it comes to cleaning canvas tents, there are some strict rules to adhere to. First off, you don’t want to use any harsh chemicals or cleaners on the fabric, as they may discolour or denature your canvas. Second, prevention is the best way to keep your tent clean, so make sure you never store […]

Are Canvas Tents Waterproof?

Many misconceptions exist when it comes to the breathability and waterproof nature of canvas. Without the right understanding of the limitations of canvas tents, you may find yourself in the midst of a wet surprise while camping or on a nature retreat. Below, you can find what you need to know about properly waterproofing canvas […]

The 4 Best Features in Our Wall Tents

When it comes to having an enjoyable hunting experience, you do need a few key items. First, you need the right permits and tags for the game you are hunting and a convenient location for hunting. Then, you need good food and friends to make the experience enjoyable. Finally, you need a sturdy and durable […]

4 Ways to Upgrade Your Campground This Summer

Well, summer is actually shaping up to be a pretty positive season around Airdrie and surrounding Alberta. With the pandemic restrictions loosening, businesses reopening, and most importantly, campground bookings returning, there is certainly potential for a spectacular season of outdoor activities. Similarly, for those of us who like to return to campgrounds year after year, […]