How to Winterize Your Boat & Trailer

Winter is right around the corner, and the boating season is coming to an end. Now is the time to pack up your boat, put on the boat cover and pursue your winter hobbies and activities. But, before the cover goes on, you must winterize your watercraft. Let’s go through the major components of winterization.  […]

What is the Price of Boat Canvas Enclosures?

Many factors will affect the cost of boat covers and enclosures made of many types of materials including canvas, acrylic and polyester. These include the number of panels, whether or not you are simply attempting repairs and the company performing the work. Additional considerations include the size of the enclosure and any unique dimensions the […]

The Cost of Boat Cover Repairs in Calgary

Boat covers are a great way to keep your boat safe during transport and storage. Plus, they are easy to use and often fold up into a compact shape. Truly, they are one of the best additions boat owners can have for their watercraft. However, over time they may face usual wear and tear. Even […]

How to Protect Your Boat from Rock Chips

It is always surprising to see the large number of boats driving around Alberta. Typically, the prairies are not synonymous with boating or watersports. However, for many people, that seems more like a challenge than a deterrent. This idea perfectly aligns with the spirit of this great province. But, it also means that creative transport […]