Quarantine Exterior Cargo Restraints

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Quarantine’s Exterior Cargo Restraints connect to the truck bed using four provided adjustable FS Tie Downs straps equipped with unique length adjusting hardware and mountaineering style aluminum quick connect carabiners. The straps of the exterior cargo restraint system adjust to 50 inches for extra-high loads and the detachable design allow for a wide range of tie-down applications. You can choose from three different suggested connector points on the Exterior Cargo Restraint System to enable proper securement of larger or smaller cargo loads. The exterior cargo restraints are proven to reduce setup time and provide exceptional ease of use in comparison to other products on the market. Your exterior cargo restraint system also comes with a storage case to effortlessly stow your QR Exterior Restraints when not in use. Generous openings keep all your components organized and provide users with easy access to your net, and even easier re-storage. A number of compartments and features make this case highly functional.


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Weight4.536 lbs


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