Iosso Water Repellant 1 Gallon




Iosso Water Repellent Ready-to-Use(1 GAL)-not only a water repellent, but also a protectant from soils, oils, bird droppings and environmental pollutants.


Consult product label and MSDS for safe handling instructions.


Resists mildew and stains, increases weatherability. Won’t change the color, feel, or breathability of your fabric.


Directions: 1 gallon jug contains ready to use solution, do not mix or dilute. Fabric should be cleaned and thoroughly dried before application. Spray protectant directly and generously to fabric and let dry thoroughly. Keep fabric dry for 24 hours before exposing to water. For added protection, a second application may be applied within 5 minutes of the first one. Items may also be soaked in the solution then either hung to dry or put in a clothes dryer. For large areas, solution may be applied with an applicator sprayer. Pressure no more than 60 PSI or use a pump type.


Ideal for use on awnings, canopies, tents, patio furniture cushions, umbrellas, spa covers, tarps, boat covers, bimini tops, hunting fabrics, camping gear, leather, synthetics, and vinyl.


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