How to Winterize Your Boat & Trailer

Winter is right around the corner, and the boating season is coming to an end. Now is the time to pack up your boat, put on the boat cover and pursue your winter hobbies and activities. But, before the cover goes on, you must winterize your watercraft. Let’s go through the major components of winterization. 

Winterizing Your Boat: A Process


Engine & Systems

A large part of the winterizing process involves protecting your engine from corrosion and degradation. Starting with your fuel tank, fill it to prevent moisture and add a fuel stabilizer to keep it over the winter. Run your engine and add antifreeze to the thermostat when it reaches temp and you’ve emptied the system. For best results, fog your engine at the carburetor. Drain the engine and change the oil as well. Change any other fluids as needed.

Hull & Cover

Clean the inside of your boat, so it’s ready for the next season. Use a simple cleaning product on the dash and seats. Additionally, you’ll want to pressure wash the hull of your boat to remove any stuck-on grime and debris. Then, secure your boat cover and lash it down securely for winter storage. 

Trailer Winterizing

Give your boat trailer a once-over and inspect it for any corrosion, wear or damage, paying special attention to the wheel bearings. Fill your tires with air or swap them out before storing them for the winter. 

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These are the basic steps you’ll want to take for winterizing your boat and its trailer. Having the right boat cover can help prevent spring surprises and damage, so make sure you contact Airdrie Canvas for advice, repairs and replacements. 

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