How to Protect Your Boat from Rock Chips

It is always surprising to see the large number of boats driving around Alberta. Typically, the prairies are not synonymous with boating or watersports. However, for many people, that seems more like a challenge than a deterrent. This idea perfectly aligns with the spirit of this great province. But, it also means that creative transport solutions are necessary.

The Advantages of RockGARD Boat Covers


The cycle for large purchases is generally the same. You bring your new prize home and fawn over it in preparation for use. With boats, this means checking over all of the electrical components, ensuring you have the right supplies for when you get to the water, and triple-checking the trailer rigging. From there, many people assume it will be smooth sailing. However, for many people, there is an unfortunate realization on the horizon.

Indeed, we are referring to the arrival at your boating area when you see the hull of your boat marred and chipped with small impacts from the journey. Carrying your boat so close to the rear of your vehicle can create many minor chips and dings. In some cases, this is a minor issue that only serves to dampen your mood temporarily. Although in other situations, it has lasting effects that incur hefty maintenance costs and may affect the purpose of your trip. 

Repairing these small chips and cracks can also be a real headache. Indeed, sometimes it is a relatively straightforward patch job. But, at other times, you may need to bring your boat in for a timely and costly service. This damage may cut into your already short window of opportunity for the boating season.

Luckily, Airdrie Canvas has the security solution for your waterborne vehicle. That solution is RockGARD, a boat cover that fits over the front of your boat. This cover is unique in that it provides a cover that repels the small rocks kicked up by the rear tires of your vehicle. Plus, there are several styles and sizes available, for even better customization. 

There is the standard product which many people enjoy. However, there are several sizes available for larger watercraft and smaller personal vehicles. Additionally, they provide blunt front and pickle fork options. There are enough choices that you are sure to find a way to sufficiently protect your craft from the dangers of the open road.

Get Your Boat Cover Today!

In conclusion, RockGARD covers are a fantastic way to protect your hull, with a boat cover, during transport. However, if there is absolutely no way to find the perfect product for your vehicle, don’t worry. If you visit Airdrie Canvas, you can talk to the custom tarping and cover experts. This gives you the comfort and confidence to get the exact protection you need. 

Airdrie Canvas is your go-to shop for all custom tarps and covers in Canada. We ship our products across Canada, serving Airdrie, Red Deer, Calgary, Edmonton, and in-between. Whether you need a boat cover, RV cover, a vinyl or canvas tarp, or custom cover, we have what you need. We pride ourselves on our exceptional quality and Customer Service. All of our custom tarps and covers are manufactured in-house, effectively cutting out the middle-man and allowing for ultimate customization. Whatever you need, we can make it! Contact us by phone at (403) 945-0732 or email us at [email protected]

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