Interior of the living space of a canvas tent with stove jack in a dome tent at a glamping site

How to Find Canvas Tents with Wood-Stove Jacks

It’s not uncommon to wonder how to get canvas tents capable of safely housing one or more wood stoves. Camping below a certain temperature just seems to demand that you have stoves, but to operate a wood stove safely, you need a canvas tent with a safety feature called a stove jack. Simply ordering a tent and putting a wood burner inside won’t do the trick. You have to know how and where to find a canvas tent with stove jacks.

What is a Canvas Tent’s Stove Jack?

It’s best to answer this question by going through the problem step by step. If you have a tent and want exceptional warmth due to frigid outdoor temperatures, you’d be wise to put a wood stove into it because they provide a way to turn an ample on-hand fuel source like wood into heat energy. But burning wood creates a fire hazard. 

A particular style of canvas tent, a wall tent, provides the most insulation and coverage to trap the heat, but you’ll fill the space with smoke without a vent. So, your best bet is to get a wood stove that vents smoke out of a chimney. But the resulting fire hazard from hot metal chimneys on the tent fabric means you need a solution.

Stove jacks protect the canvas material by providing a fire retardant buffer zone. A stove pipe jack is a silicone flashing with a neoprene ring that dissipates heat, so the tent material doesn’t absorb it to dangerous levels from the chimney. 

Can You Get Canvas Tents with an Extra Stove Jack?

A lead wood burner stands open inside a luxury canvas tent connected to exterior by a flame retardant stove jack

Suppose you’ve got your tent with a built-in stove jack, but you need more stoves for a broader interior. Just as you can’t put the first stove in without regard to safety, placing another stove in requires another stove jack. But we have our customers’ needs in mind when it comes to outfitting a canvas tent with several stoves. You can opt for an extra stove jack, which is easily navigated to on our site. When you want to order a canvas tent with the interior heating of a wood stove, we understand that you need to build a custom solution fit for your grand designs.

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