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How RV Skirting Saves You Money

When it comes to protecting and saving money on your RV from wasting energy, there are numerous ways to get it done. There are your typical ways, such as: 

  • Caulking your windows
  • Adding solar curtains, 
  • Replacing the weather stripping around your RV’s door
  • Installing vent covers to ensure that your vents do not release internal heat 
  • Tightening up the exterior of your home to ensure it’s locked down tightly 

And while these methods are great in the short term of saving money on your RV, it does not compare to the installation of an RV skirt

What Is An RV Skirt? 

RV skirting, also known as trailer skirting, can be done by merely placing a material around the bottom of the camper, blocking off wind from entering and warm air exiting the undercarriage of the RV. 

rv skirt

Skirts have been around for decades and has gained popularity as more and more people get RVs. They are useful for both the winter and summer months, as well as being customizable. They can fit many different types of RVs, with many designs and materials available. The most common materials options include Vinyl material, Plywood, Insulation Boards and custom tarps. You will be able to find an RV skirt that perfectly fits your RV or trailer. 

This small investment will have a huge return later on for you.

How An RV Skirt Work? 

RV skirting works precisely as it sounds: by installing a giant skirt around the bottom of your RV, it adds a barrier that protects the underside. It will help secure the interior of your RV, meaning less wasted energy, less wasted money, and more protection.  

It Reduces Heating Costs 

When you consider the amount of energy you have to use to keep your RV warm in winter (and even the cool nights of fall and spring), you will be shocked to know that it can set you back a fair bit. One month of propane can add up to hundreds of dollars! 

And while you might tighten up your vehicle to reduce wasted energy by shutting down your windows and doors, it is the underside that is the biggest culprit. It has the most significant increase in draft flow, so not only will energy drift out of your RV, the cold air will also come in. 

You need to block it. This is where an RV skirt will be your biggest help. It will block any cold air coming in while trapping the heat inside. 

Before you know it, you’ll save plenty of money on your propane bills – as well as keeping warm in the cold months! 

Protecting Your RV 

By RV or trailer skirting, you will also add a layer of protection to your vehicle. Exposure to wild weather changes can lead to damage underneath the vehicle, resulting in high repair costs down the line. You can experience everything from burst pipes to damaged wires. 

Frozen pipes are a particular concern in the cold winter months, as once water freezes in the pipes, it can crack them. It can lead to significant problems if you don’t have the right protection for it from the beginning. 

Take Advantage & Get Your Own RV Skirt 

You can see the benefits that come with getting an RV skirt. So don’t miss out on the opportunity to protect your RV and save money by getting your customized RV skirt. Speak to your local RV skirting professional and enjoy years of security and protection. 

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