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Get the Most Out of Your Grilla Pellet Smoker

Grilla smokers are one of the most effective ways to smoke meat currently available. With their attention to detail and their high-quality construction, not to mention their wide selection of useful accessories, Grilla grills and Lumberjack wood pellets will transform your next smoking project from blah to yeah!

But once you’ve got your Grilla pellet smoker, understandably, you want to get the full value of your wonderful purchase. For some individuals, this is adding accessories so they can get the perfect smoke every time, but for others, variety is the spice of life. Regardless of your preference, there are many options available to satisfy your desires, and here is but a small sampling of the possibilities available for your Grilla pellet smoker in Calgary.

Accessories for the Perfect Grilla Pellet Smoking

The chief benefit of Grilla pellet smokers in Calgary is that they infuse flavor in a way that just isn’t possible with traditional cooking techniques. Letting the meat sit inside and absorb the flavor for hours, creates tenderness and depth-of-flavor that just cannot be rivaled. However, to get the best out of your Grilla grill you need the right equipment for the job. Equipment like:

Pellet Smoker Calgary

Premiala Basting Mop

It may look a little home-grown, but the Premiala basting mop is a premier product that ensures accurate flavor penetration and coverage on all of your smoked products. With its easy-to-use handle and high thread count, it can be worked into crevices so efficiently that every bite will be bursting with flavor. 

BBQ Gloves

A true necessity when it comes to intense pellet smoker activities, BBQ gloves are made from the same material woven into firefighter suits and can withstand any temperature. Keeping your hands safe is important when smoking, as everything inside of the smoker, from dishes to bulbs, will be piping hot during the smoke. 

Grilla Rack Extension

A must-have when you are planning a BBQ blowout, the Grilla rack extension is easy to install, features an elegant stainless steel design, and essentially doubles the space available for your smoked foodstuffs. This is a great addition if you want to add some veggies to your pellet smoker operations, but realistically, it will fit an extra rack of ribs with no problem as well. 

Lumberjack Wood Pellets

One of the joys of smoking your own foods is the variety of flavors and options available. If you want a southern-style, spicy brisket a mesquite blend of smoker pellets will suffice. Or, if you prefer a rich, hickory-smoked pork shoulder, take the time to use 100% Hickory wood pellets but beware of the potency hickory can bring to the table!

However, if you are a culinary adventurer, don’t feel tied down to traditional smoking rules and flavor profiles. For instance, with your mesquite brisket, try adding pecan smoker pellets for a mixture of nuttiness and heat that is sure to impress at your next BBQ. Or, combine a fruitwood blend with some traditional cherry or apple smoker pellets and experience a sweetness explosion that goes perfectly with all cuts of pork.

However you desire your smoking adventure to go, Grilla grills, accessories, and Lumberjack smoker pellets will meet and exceed the demands you place upon them. So stop worrying about getting your oven temperature just right, and experience the smooth and easy-to-use system of high-quality smokers and pellets today!

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