The Cost of Boat Cover Repairs in Calgary

Boat covers are a great way to keep your boat safe during transport and storage. Plus, they are easy to use and often fold up into a compact shape. Truly, they are one of the best additions boat owners can have for their watercraft.

However, over time they may face usual wear and tear. Even highly durable covers made from premium canvas may eventually face issues with loose stitching or tears. Luckily, this does not often spell the end for the boat cover. Rather, it is just a good indication it is time for boat covers in Calgary. 

Determining the cost of your boat cover repairs usually requires understanding what factors go into the repair. Good examples of these factors include the company performing the repair, the repair’s size, and the timeline for completion. Below, we look at the role each of these plays in the overall cost.


The Factors Affecting Calgary Boat Cover Repairs

The Company Performing the Work

Every company that works with boat covers will have different costs, but they will likely fall into the same price range. Therefore, the best way to determine if you are getting a good deal from a specific company is to check with a few others in the same industry and compare prices. This level of due diligence will not only allow you to find the right price point for your desired quality of service but will likely also give you insight into other parts of your boat cover.

The Size of the Repair

The size of the repair on your boat cover will play a role in the cost. A very large tear will require more material and time to fix than a small rip in a single seam. Additionally, the type and quality of the material may influence the price also. 

The Timeline for Completion

Your timeline may play a role in the price of your boat cover repair as well. If you are planning on taking your boat out-of-province, rushing a fix found in storage can be essential. However, this may incur additional costs depending on how busy your canvas shop is at the time of the request.

Get Quality Boat Cover Repairs Today!

Overall, you can expect repairs to start around $55 and go up from there. For very small repairs, it is best to talk with a canvas professional, so contact Airdrie Canvas today for the most accurate cost estimate of your repair. 

Airdrie Canvas is your go-to shop for all custom tarps and covers in Canada. We ship our products across Canada, serving Airdrie, Red Deer, Calgary, Edmonton, and everywhere in between. Whether you need a boat cover, RV cover, canvas tarp, or a custom cover, we have what you need. We pride ourselves on our exceptional quality and customer service. We manufacture all of our custom tarps and covers in-house, effectively cutting out the middle-man and allowing for ultimate customization. Whatever you need, we can make it! Contact us by phone at (403) 945-0732 or email at [email protected]

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