Can Netting Be Dyed?

When it comes to netting in Calgary or elsewhere, the usage makes the material. Netting can be helpful for dealing with wildlife, separating garden spaces and more. The many uses for netting make it a great choice for home or camping use, but one question always comes to mind with this product.

Of course, that question is the same as the title of this article, namely, “can netting be dyed?” The short answer is yes, netting can be dyed. You can spray, brush or dip it with fabric paints, creating designs or colour contrasts as you desire. The process for each varies, but there are a few things you will need to know regardless of your chosen dye method, which we explain below.


Important Considerations When Dyeing Netting

Use White or Similar Base Colours

When dyeing netting (or any other fabric, for that matter), you will want to use white or a similar base colour to your intended colour scheme. This will ensure the transparent dye materials can actually appear on the fabric. Avoid black fabrics at all costs, as the dye cannot penetrate the fabric and will not appear in any substantial way.

Nylon Dyes Faster than Polyester

Understand what material your netting is made out of before choosing to dye it. This will help you ensure you buy the right paint, for one thing. But, it will also help you understand the right dye process to follow, as certain materials (like nylon) dye much faster than others (like polyester). Knowing the difference in dye times can help you create a more accurate product and avoid over-dyeing your mesh netting. 

Exposure Equals Colour Depth

The more dye you use on your netting or fabric, the deeper and richer the colour will be. This is true when applying successive spray coats or dipping your netting, so you will want to err on the side of caution, to begin with. You can avoid costly mistakes or too-deep dye jobs with this approach.

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