The Best Retractable Awnings for Trailers

Nothing beats arriving at your destination, setting up your campsite, and relaxing in peace under a blanket of stars. That is when the weather is cooperating long enough for this to actually happen. For the rest of the time, coverings like tarps and RV awnings can be the difference between a great weekend and a soggy one. 

And, for everyone who loves travelling and finding new places, the best RV awning is a retractable one. No cumbersome equipment, large fibreglass coverings or other hassles to worry about. Just a simple mechanism that stays safely secured to the side of your vehicle until it is ready for use. 

So, how can you find the best retractable RV awnings to make the most out of your summer? Well, it requires an eye for quality and an understanding of what makes a great awning. Below we look at some of the factors you should consider when choosing your next retractable trailer awning.

What to Look for in Retractable RV Awnings



Ain’t nothing better than a quality RV awning from Airdrie Canvas. We may have a bias, but seriously, it’s true! Our Awnings are durable, water-resistant and made to last.

Operating Mechanism

The operating mechanism for your retractable RV awning must be easy to use. A simple design with a rotating handle to roll the material for storage is all you really need, but don’t forget to look at the fasteners as well. If the roller mechanism is heavy, but the support arms are lightweight, you may cause unnecessary wear during opening and closing.


There is no one-size-fits-all trailer awning. You will have to measure your current awning to determine how long your new unit should be; otherwise, you may run into issues with excessive overhang or improper installation.

Airdrie Canvas is Here to Lend a Hand

If you are looking for more information about finding the best retractable awning for your trailer, contact Airdrie Canvas. We have lots of great information and resources, and we’d love to help with any canvas repairs or replacements you may need. 

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