Are Canvas Tents Waterproof?

Many misconceptions exist when it comes to the breathability and waterproof nature of canvas. Without the right understanding of the limitations of canvas tents, you may find yourself in the midst of a wet surprise while camping or on a nature retreat. Below, you can find what you need to know about properly waterproofing canvas tents and other canvas materials. 

How to Waterproof Your Canvas Tent

One of the more effective methods of waterproofing your canvas tent involves applying a fluoropolymer-based water repellent. These products are available in most hardware and outdoor stores, and can help seal up any small holes or gaps in your canvas mesh. These products can be applied over the entirety of your canvas, but special care should be taken around the stitching and any openings, as these are the areas most likely to leak.


How to Season Your Canvas Tent

Another effective way to waterproof your canvas tent is to season your canvas. This process is fairly straightforward and follows these five basic steps:

  1. Setup your tent
  2. Soak your tent with water
  3. Wait until completely dry and soak again
  4. Repeat step 3
  5. Check for leaks by wetting again and viewing inside your tent

If you don’t find any leaks, you should be fine to pack up your tent and use it without issue. If you do find small leaks, however, simply apply waterproofing spray to ensure they do not continue. 


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