The 4 Best Features in Our Wall Tents

When it comes to having an enjoyable hunting experience, you do need a few key items. First, you need the right permits and tags for the game you are hunting and a convenient location for hunting. Then, you need good food and friends to make the experience enjoyable. Finally, you need a sturdy and durable shelter to keep your supplies dry and your body warm during cold nights. 

Today, we look at our well-made wall tents and what features they provide to enhance your hunting experience in the best ways. Read on for more info!

4 Wall Tent Features to Enhance Your Experience

1. Screen Door

We use double-zip screen doors to provide you with a convenient way to vent your area, regulate the temperature and provide a pleasant view of your tent’s surroundings. Plus, we install helpful straps to roll up your door or screen flap with ease.

2. Reinforced Pockets

Our reinforced pockets are a great way to ensure your wall tent keeps its shape, and the extra reinforcement ensures there will be no premature tearing or ripping of the fabric. Plus, they also function as a convenient guide to ensure your wall tent is in the proper position for setup. 

3. Stove Jack w/ Velcro Flap

We provide a durable and perfectly sized hole to add a heater stove to your wall tent. If you are not using it, the durable velcro flap fits snugly to the top of the tent and keeps out the cold air.

4. Windows

Our windows feature high-quality mesh screens and durable canvas covers to assist in keeping your tent warm and insulated in the winter. During the warmer months, open them up to enjoy the fantastic smells of natural air and a clear sightline on your surroundings.


Get Your Wall Tent Today!

Remember, these are just the four best features of our wall tents. We neglected to mention the features we consider standard, like the heavy-duty skirting, lightweight poles and always high-quality fabric. Truly, these are one of the best options available for locally-made wall tents. To learn more about our offers and how you can get your hands on one of these tents, contact Airdrie Canvas today for more information! 

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